Made In Italy

Italian production has always been synonymous with quality and style. In the field of fashion especially, the Made in Italy label is one of the features that makes the difference between a simple item of clothing and a leader of fashion. Precisely for this reason, our garments are made entirely in Italy with precision and fit that only great care for workmanship and attention to details can give our products. Araba Fenice dresses a woman with style and elegance. The strength of our clothing is an unparalleled fit obtained thanks to the care that we put in all the steps of their implementation, from design to pattern, from the sample to the finished garment.

Who are we?

Araba Fenice is dedicated to the creation, production and distribution of suits, shirts and jackets made with extreme attention to detail and an emphasis on innovation. Samples in jersey and woven fabrics with applications of embroidery, sequins or simply in the original patterns go for a practical and casual look. The production deadlines for completing collection are increasingly shorter, never losing sight of the needs required by our customers.
To provide quality, our products are entirely manufactured in Italy, using continuous technical innovations in production methods.
We follow the construction of the garments with care and dedication at every stage, from the birth of the model to its implementation. Our designers, modelers and campionaristi take care of every detail in the creation of our company. After thorough quality control, our products are distributed throughout Italy and abroad.


Araba Fenice is a company that produces clothing for a woman who is casual and elegant and in step with the times. The main feature of our production is fit that allows our products to be worn with comfort.
Our work is animated by a passion for what we do and the care we take for our pieces. The production department is not formed only by technologically advanced machinery, but also harmony and precision of the expert hands that finish the garments adding the style that represents us. The people who work with us combine artisan knowledge and technical skills, ie: a marriage of elegance and love for fashion.
With our pieces every woman can reinvent their look every day by mixing clothes, mixing sweaters and jackets to satisfy the desire for renewal.

The look of Araba Fenice provides quality production, the quality of the fabrics and the attention to style that every woman looks for in a garment. With our collections every woman can feel comfortable, trendy, in formal occasions and in moments of relaxation, without sacrificing style, elegance and quality of care designed in every detail.áThe great value of our company, however, is and remains the employees: capable, competent and ready at all times to meet the needs of customers.