Pronto Moda

Fashions change at very high speed and you must be able to provide new models in line with the trends of style and not fall behind. Because of this Araba Fenice has developed over the years a system for the production of two or three lines of clothing for each season. Because of this we are able to adapt at any time to market needs and anticipate trends.
Our samples combine the need for practical and comfortable clothes adapting to the desire for style and glamor typical of every woman living hectic lives but still wanting to be fashionable and comfortable.

Collezioni Programmate

In addition to ready to wear, Araba Fenice creates for its clients entire collections of clothing, giving form and substance to the models developed by their designers. At the request of our buyers, in fact we will create an exclusive collection of women's clothing.
We follow each collection with care and attention to detail at every stage according to the working time scheduled with the customer, from the onset of the creation, to the sample line and to the sale and delivery of goods. Our style department will satisfy the needs of the client: color, fabric research and development of sizes and quality control.

Riassorbimento Abiti

We at Araba Fenice always have a special focus on our customers, so we offer them the ability to reorder any best selling item with guaranteed fast delivery for your order.
Our clients can always count on a direct relationship with the management and with our intention to provide new models and excellent quality.